torsdag den 27. november 2014

Goodbye to Simic

The day I have always feared came sooner than I expected. Simic has never been old to me even though she was 12 years old. She has always been so calm and easy going in the everyday life, even when she was a young dog. The only times she was a bit crazy, was on the agility course and even then, she was always in control. She was running senior competitions and loving it. Barking like crazy and being so naughty on the contacts but still with so much joy. One day on a walk, her hind legs suddenly collapsed and she seemed to be out of breath. She got up quickly and everything was normal in 30 seconds. I let a wet check her over but she didn't seem sick at all. Nothing happened for over a week and I started to relax again. Then one morning we went for a walk and Simic was not herself. She was walking slowly, looking straight ahead, not sniffing or peeing as she used to. She was fallen behind and when I looked back at her, she picked up speed and tried to keep up. It was clear that she only walked because she was afraid to be left behind... not because she enjoyed the walk. I turned back to the car and Simic got worse and seemed to have a hard time breathing. I carried her the last 200 meters to the car and drove home. At home she was breathing heavily and seem to be in pain. I called the wet and picked up my daughter from school. Thinking I had to say goodbye to Simic I knew my daughter would like to be there. The wet couldn't find out what was wrong with Simic and send us to another wet for a scan of her heart. At the other wet, we got an x-ray of her lungs. It showed that there where something wrong but the wet thought we should admit her and start her on different medication. Simic was in the hospital for 2 days and then she was so much better, she could come home. I was so happy, thinking that I would keep my precious girl for many more years. !0 days later, she should stop the medication and 2 days after that, her hind legs collapsed again on a walk and she was out of breath. I called the wet and we started her on medication again. Simic was fine for a few more days and then one evening she was again breathing heavily and wouldn't eat. I gave her some painkillers in hope to give her some comfort and it helped. I went to bed, praying that she would be better the next day. Ehen I woke up Simic was very bad. Her gums where white and her tongue was blue-ish. I knew that there where no way back and I drove to the wet with my daughter and we said goodbye. When Simic was lying on the table and gotten the first shot to make her fall asleep, blood and water started to come out of her nose. Her lungs were filled with fluid. poor girl must have been so uncomfortable. It was hard saying goodbye but I have so many happy memories with her and she will live on in all of her children and grand children. 2 days after Simic left us, her great grand children were born. A little light in a dark time. Luckily I have her daughter Succes and her grand daughter Cha Cha to keep the memories of Simic alive every day. I miss her like crazy and the house seems empty. I know I will meet her again some day. R.I.P my swwet sweet angle, my fateful agility partner for many years, my best friend, my teacher, my soulmate, my once in a lifetime dog. I made a video with pictures and clips of how I want to remember her. My happy, sweet angle.